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Equity Diversity Inclusion

The Basilica of Saint Mary
Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) Position Statement


The Basilica of Saint Mary is a Catholic community rooted in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Our faith calls us to uphold the absolute dignity of all people. All are beloved children of God. 
With Minnesota “having some of the highest racial disparities in the nation despite being ranked one of the best places to live” , we need to recognize our complicity in enabling racism to persist in our community. In acknowledging racism as America’s original sin, as Catholics and a Catholic community, we confess our sin with the purpose of making atonement.  
Our Prayerful Intent 
The Basilica will work to eliminate racism within the parish and the broader community. The Basilica will not be neutral in the face of any kind of injustice.
We will work to understand how institutionalized racism is present within The Basilica organization. Relying on established Catholic Social Teaching principles  to guide us, we will work towards healing and reconciliation in our own parish. We need to build trust with all members of our parish community so that our words, actions, and thoughts are reflective of the total body of Christ.
 In service to all, we will do this by:
• Nurturing an environment within our parish that provides equity, diversity and inclusion for all  through opportunities to engage in dialogue, education, and compassionate solidarity
• Identifying where institutionalized racism is in our parish while embracing an openness to reform our policies, practices, and procedures 
• Providing opportunities for personal transformation, while working toward systemic change
• Working in collaboration with others in our community to deepen our impact both within our parish and within our larger community
In the words of Pope Francis reflecting on the killing of George Floyd: “We cannot tolerate or turn a blind eye to racism and exclusion in any form and yet claim to defend the sacredness of human life.”
Both within our parish and our city, The Basilica will set an example of living out the Gospel of love. Others will feel compelled to follow this example because of how determinedly we strive for justice and peace.
This work is ongoing.  We recognize we will fall short, and we need to build a culture of accountability.  Attaining this integrity will enable us to turn this work outward to the community at large.  
Come Holy Spirit, give us strength, courage, and guidance for this journey and vision. Amen.
1) Ingraham, Christopher; “Racial inequality in Minneapolis is among the worst in the nation”; Washington Post; May 30, 2020. Schafer, Lee; “So many rankings put Minnesota near the top, but this one finds a quandary”; Star Tribune, March 1, 2020. Eligon, John and Julie Bosman; “How Minneapolis One of America’s Most Liberal Cities, Struggles with Racism”; New York Times; July 21, 2020
2)The tenets are Human Dignity (We are all made in God’s image and; therefore, are called to defend the dignity and worth of every human being), Common Good and Call to Community (The well-being of each person is connected to the good of others. As human beings we only truly flourish in the context of community. How we organize our society – in economics and politics, in law and policy – directly affects the capacity of individuals to grow in community.), Option for the Poor and Vulnerable (In a society marred by deepening divisions and inequality, our tradition instructs us to put the needs of the vulnerable first.), and Solidarity (We live and work in solidarity with our sisters and brothers who face the sin of racism each day.)