Photo provided by: 
Michael Jensen


Listen to God’s call

Give yourself the space to hear God’s voice and let yourself be drawn deeper into your relationship with God.

There numerous ways to find the sacred in your everyday life:

Vincentian Spirituality

Men and women grow together spiritually as they offer person-to-person service to those in need.

Because Christ is uniquely present in the needy and those suffering, our actions and relationships invite growth and change in a deep and lasting way.

Four characteristics describe St. Vincent de Paul and his ministry — guiding principles we can integrate into our own lives.

  1. Freedom, acceptance, patience and love. 
    By letting go of the need for perfection, admitting our own shortcomings, and offering them in service to the Lord, we find freedom, acceptance, patience and love for ourselves and others.
  2. Absolute balance between prayer and action
 Embracing the humble discipline of prayer give us more ability to act boldly in love. 
    Through prayer and meditation we receive what we need to be of service. Through action we find God and are drawn back into prayer.
  3. Attentiveness to the moment
 God is present in time, history, events and people. 
    We must be attentive to the sacred Now — who we are with, and what we are doing — trusting that God provides us what we need, who we need, when we need it.  
  4. God is in charge.
    When we put our trust in God’s goodness and mercy we can surrender our need to control everything and everyone in our lives. We develop patience and trust to let God be God, and to wait...

St. Vincent de Paul said that we cannot move forward alone.  The desire for spiritual growth requires us to embrace all others.  He encouraged people to move forward as a community together, united in the desire to grow and live in peace and love.