The Basilica Peace Labyrinth is not mowed in the winter months and will be restored in Spring of 2022.


Take a mini-pilgrimage of reflection

Unlike a maze, which befuddles and confuses, a labyrinth is a form of contemplative prayer that takes you on a journey of discovery.

The labyrinth's winding path mimics the road of life, with its unexpected turns. Walking it is a miniature pilgrimage that helps us to reflect on our life.

Walk the Peace Labyrinth at The Basilica.

“O, Blessed Virgin Mary, as we walk, hear our prayers both spoken and unspoken.”

The labyrinth begins at the threshold of the Mary Garden. As you walk, contemplate your own pilgrim journey through life, and recall the life paths of Jesus and Mary.

As you walk the “long arms,” consider how God’s love embraces us.

Near the center, where the circular paths enfold you, reflect on how God nurtures us and how we can nurture others as instruments of God’s peace and justice.

About the Peace Labyrinth

In the past it was commissioned and mowed into the west lawn, beginning in 2008 when The Basilica became a Peace Site.

About Labyrinths

Early Christians used this ancient tradition as a substitute for a pilgrimage to the Holy Land.

Today they’re still used for centering, calming, healing, transformation, meditation, and personal and spiritual growth.

At The Basilica, we see the labyrinth as a way toward peace.  With each labyrinth walk, we hope individuals will find new inner peace—an added peace within our community and the world.