Spiritual Direction

Guidance on your spiritual journey

Spiritual direction helps you explore and foster your relationship with the Mystery we call God in partnership with another.

  • Reflect on your relationship with the divine
  • Allow God to stir your mind and heart
  • Learn about your personal spirituality

The purpose of spiritual direction is to deepen your connection to God, not to solve a particular problem or work through a crisis.

Benefit from another’s insights

A director helps you honestly face your image of God, possibly distorted because of earlier experiences.

Contact Janice Andersen for more information or to meet with a spiritual director.

Retreat Centers in Minnesota

Places to spend time in prayer and meet with a spiritual director- spiritual retreat and renewal centers in Minnesota:


“God is the primary director of the soul. A spiritual director's human efforts are to assist the soul to be open and available. Besides being a good empathetic listener and caring, compassionate friend on the spiritual journey, a good spiritual director must be skilled in discerning the constructive and destructive forces that come into play when one is responding to God's invitation to develop a deeper personal relationship.

– From The Art of Spiritual Direction,
by Vincentia Roney, S.C.