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Citizen Therapists for Democracy

Beyond Polarization

Sunday, February 16, 2020 - 11:00am

Come to hear Dr. William Doherty, Professor in the Department of Family Social Science and Director of the Citizen Professional Center at the University of Minnesota.  He has developed a model of grass roots organizing among parents and other citizens around cultural, community, and health issues.  Bill is also a therapist working couples on the brink of divorce through the Minnesota Couples on the Brink Project. Following the 2016 Presidential election, he co-founded Better Angels, a citizen initiative to help restore the fraying social fabric in American society. Better Angels workshops have spread to 37 states and have been featured in local and national media.  

In this presentation you will see how people with very different political viewpoints can come together and find common ground. You will learn about a couple of specific skills for talking with loved ones on the other political side. And you will have a chance to link up with the Better Angels local and national effort. For more information, contact Janice.

Please register in advance.

Saints Ambrose/Teresa Room, Ground Level