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Stacy Glaus

Blessing of the Wheels

Sunday, May 15, 2016 - 1:00pm to 2:00pm

If it rolls, we’ll bless it!

The Blessing of the Wheels is open to people who use all types of personal, wheeled transport including rollerblades, wheelchairs, strollers, bicycles, and skateboards  to name a few.

This family-friendly event includes a procession into The Basilica Church followed by readings, hymns, and prayers. A general blessing will be pronounced over all who are present. The service will conclude with a procession out of the church. Can’t get your bike inside? Individual blessings will be available after the service outside. Vendors, food, and a community ride will also be available after the service.

Individuals from all faiths, backgrounds, and beliefs are invited to receive this blessing for a safe year on the road.

As one of the healthiest and bike-friendliest states in the country, the Blessing of the Wheels is a great opportunity for all those using wheeled transportation to start summer off with blessing for safe travels on all our streets.

If you know someone who has been injured in an accident while using wheels, please contact us for inclusion in our prayer.

For more information, or to attend, please contact Mike at or call 612-317-3477.