Sofas and Spokes Bicycles

Sofas & Spokes

Saturday, May 19, 2018 - 9:00am to 12:00pm

Sofas & Spokes 

In the midst of spring cleaning, have you found furniture or adult bicycles you are no longer using? You can donate them to help those in need in our community! Bring your gently used treasures to Sofas & Spokes, the annual furniture and bicycle drive of the Downtown Congregations to End Homelessness (DCEH).

Bring donations to Hennepin Avenue United Methodist Church.

Sofas & Spokes serves as a collection point for items to be distributed through DCEH outreach ministries. Many in our community are exiting homelessness and living in new apartments, but have no means to furnish them. You can play a role in making a house a home! For some, bus fare can be hard to come by, but a bicycle could serve as reliable and FREE transportation to and from work. 

Donations will be given to guests of DCEH outreach ministries to assist in furnishing homes--helping to create dignified, comfortable, and safe living spaces, and to provide economical, reliable, and environmentally-friendly transportation.

Only adult bikes, and no beds, appliances, or construction materials, please. Receipts for tax purposes will be available at the event.  Your donations make a REAL difference in the lives of those in our community! Questions? Contact Julia