Revolution of Love and Tenderness
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Art by Sr Mary Ann Osborne

Revolution of Love and Tenderness

A Revolution of Love and Tenderness

In his Apostolic Letter entitled: “Misericordia et Misera” or “Mercy and Misery” or one could say: “mercy meets and heals misery” Pope Francis calls on us to “unleash the creativity of mercy” so as “to bring about new undertakings, the fruit of grace.” 

In response we decided to continue on the path of mercy by initiating a Revolution of Love and Tenderness. Revolutions, peaceful and otherwise have changed the world. Our suffering world is in dire need of a great change. So we propose a peaceful revolution accomplished through love and tenderness, two Christian strengths Pope Francis often links to mercy. 

The post-revolutionary world we envision is a world where people respect and honor all life and protect all of creation; where people bridge divides and work toward the common good; where people end all discrimination and accept one another no matter who they are; where people end all speech and acts of hatred and division; and where people have learned how to put the “we” before the “I.” 

This is the world God had envisioned, it is the world we envision.





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