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Mae Desaire

Year in Review

Year in Review 2019

Dear Friends, 

This past year, our parish has truly worked to live out our vision to “seek the well-being of the city.” We have created a new Strategic Plan and initiated a new Master Planning process. Both of these initiatives will help us to build our vibrant community and enable us to best meet the needs of the people we serve.

Our Parish, Our Future
The Our Parish, Our Future Strategic Plan outlines the three strategic areas of focus that we will continue to build upon as a parish community. 

  • The Arts: Move, inspire, and transform individuals and communities through excellence in the arts and creative practices.
  • Inclusivity: Build a culture where people feel valued, welcome, integrated, and included.
  • Homelessness: Respond to the needs of people experiencing or at risk of homelessness.

Campus Master Planning  
Although this initiative is only a few months old, it brings with it great promise as we look at what we need to do to make our campus and buildings more welcoming and accessible.

Sesquicentennial Celebrations
October 4, 2018 marked The Basilica parish sesquicentennial anniversary. Since that time we have celebrated our 150th year with liturgy, concerts, reunions, art exhibits, and service. The parish was founded by immigrants from Italy and Ireland—today we continue to welcome immigrants from all over the world. The 150th celebrations honor the people who have built and made our parish community thrive as a place of worship and welcome yesterday and today.

Basilica Serves
As we celebrate 150 years as a faith community, we also recognize and honor the role of St. Vincent de Paul Ministry in our parish. Basilica Serves represents how we live out five core characteristics of the spirituality of St. Vincent de Paul in our parish: simplicity, humility, solidarity, balance between prayer and action, creating lasting systemic change. All of us are invited to embrace and reflect these in our life and work.

Thank you for helping to build our Basilica community into a spiritual home and a place of welcome, support, and acceptance. Please remember, no matter what brings you to The Basilica and wherever you are in your faith journey, you are welcome here.

Rev. John M. Bauer
Pastor, The Basilica of Saint Mary