Threshold Singers

Threshold: Merriam-Webster defines this as the means or place of entry; the place or point of beginning. 

We believe that as our loved ones near death, there is an opening to the Sacred.  Our parish offers a small group of singers from the Cathedral Choir willing to come into the home, hospital, assisted living facility, or hospice care setting to sing and pray.  The ministry is not a performance but rather the singers  come with gentle blessing to quiet fears, open hearts, and bring light to all who are present.  Praying with music is a particularly powerful way to help those gathered around a loved one’s side express love and begin to say good-bye. Singers are available to come at various times of the day, on weekdays or weekends.

The ministry is offered as a gift, thus there is no charge.  Please contact Wendy in the Caring Ministries office to arrange for this ministry when hospice begins, when a terminal illness is diagnosed, or when death draws near.