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Ben Caduff

Adult Confirmation

Receiving the Gifts of the Spirit

We are so glad you have chosen our parish to begin your preparation for this sacrament. We welcome you wherever you are on your faith journey and hope you find a home here at The Basilica.

Those who were not confirmed as youth often find themselves seeking greater unity with the Church later in life. Our community values those who yearn to share more fully in the life of the community.

Candidates meet and study throughout the year to examine their faith and the Sacrament of Confirmation. Adult confirmation occurs during the Easter Season here at The Basilica of Saint Mary.

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Role of the community

Confirmation candidates realize throughout this process that they need the community’s prayers, witness and support.  In turn, the community’s faith is strengthened by the witness these candidates bring with them in their desire to be fully initiated members of our church.

Upcoming Events

Revolution of Love and Tenderness
Mar 31
6:00 PM
To protect people from possible exposure to the Coronavirus and for the common good and welfare of our communit​y, this program has been cancelled. Please contact Janice for more information...