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Youth Confirmation

Receiving the Gifts of the Spirit

10th Grade/Confirmation Preparation

Students in Grades 9 and 10 will each receive their own copy of The Catholic Youth Bible. These Bibles are the student’s to keep, write in, make notes in the margins, etc. We hope to foster an intimate relationship between each young person and God. Together, youth will practice Lectio Divina, acquire Biblical literacy, and discuss the relationship between the Bible and the Catholic practices and teachings. A section throughout The Catholic Youth Bible called Challenge encourages youth to put their faith into action. This Biblical curriculum will be paired with Live It! Change the World with Everyday Faith, The Catholic Youth Prayer Book, and The Catholic Faith Handbook for Youth (all from St. Mary’s Press). 

Youth in 10th Grade from both public and Catholic schools will be preparing for the Sacrament of Confirmation, and will look deeper into the following topics: Catholic Identity and Personal Spiritual Growth, Social Justice/Service, the Sacraments, the Power of the Holy Spirit, Personal Relationship with Christ, and Discipleship. During the 10th Grade, students will be asked to log 15 hours of community service, attend worship on a regular basis and attend a retreat. Please read our Sacrament Policy below.

For more information or to get involved in the youth confirmation program, please contact Christine Moore.

Parish Policies for Sacraments

  • All families celebrating sacraments at The Basilica of Saint Mary must be registered member of the parish.
  • Youth must participate in weekly classes the year in which they are to receive the sacrament,and attend Mass on a weekly basis.  
  • Students are expected to participate in Faith Formation or Catholic school in the years prior to 10th Grade.

Our program runs from September to May. Registration is from April through August.  Registration is now online.


Role of the community

“The Confirmation candidates need the community’s prayers, witness and support throughout the preparation process. In offering catechesis to the parents and sponsors, the Church shows its love for and eagerness to support them as well as their children.” – National Catechetical Directory #117