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Travis Salisbury

First Eucharist

Coming to the Table for the First Time

We are excited that your family will be celebrating your child’s First Eucharist with us at The Basilica.  We hope you find the experience fruitful and enriching to your own faith life. The celebration of the Eucharist is at the heart of the life of the Church. The Christian community gathers to celebrate the mystery of God’s love as it is revealed in the sacred Scriptures and in the sacrificial meal. Those who gather are fed by the Word and by the Body and Blood of Christ.

First Eucharist preparation for families with children age seven (Grade 2) and above is offered once a year. The sacrament is celebrated during the season of Easter in the Spring. Children must be active participants in faith formation programs at The Basilica or be enrolled in a Catholic school. In addition, children must receive the sacrament of First Reconciliation before preparing for First Eucharist. 

Preparation involves:

  • A parent meeting in the Winter via Zoom
  • Parent-child activities to do at home
  • Parent-child Zoom meetings offered on a weeknight and weekend

Contact Christine Moore for more details. 

Parish Policies for Sacraments

  • All families celebrating sacraments at The Basilica of Saint Mary must be registered member of the parish.
  • In addition to preparation for the sacrament, children must participate in weekly faith formation classes or be enrolled in a Catholic school the year before AND the year in which they are to receive the sacrament,and attend Mass on a weekly basis.


If you join The Basilica after our program year starts, we still warmly welcome you to enroll your children for the balance of the program year, providing there is adequate time for preparation (at least 3-4 months).


The role of the community

First Eucharist candidates and their families are supported throughout this process by the prayers, example and faith of the community. In turn, our community’s faith is strengthened by the witness these children bring with them in their desire to received Jesus into their hearts.