Photo provided by: 
Michael Jensen

Reardon Rectory

The Reardon Rectory was erected in 1927-1928 as a residence and business office for the rector and assistant priests of The Basilica. Along with the sacristy, the building was designed by St. Paul architects Slifer and Abrahamson. It replaced two frame houses located on the east side of the church, which served as rectory from 1914 to 1927.

Photo Archive Historic Rector's Office 1928
Photo provided by: 
The Basilica Archives
Pictured here in 1928, the Rector's Office is still in use today.

The apartments once occupied by young priests and housekeepers have now largely been converted into offices for the Administrative, Life, Learning and Liturgy department staff, as well as meeting rooms.  In 2013, an exterior elevator tower was constructed to replace the original 1928 elevator and provide access to all five floors of the building. In 2015 the fourth floor was remodeled to house our archives and art collection as well as a consultation room and several offices. 

The Reardon Rectory is named for Msgr. James M. Reardon, 5th rector of The Basilica (1921 - 1963). The building is included in the National Register of Historic Places Designation conferred in 1975 on The Basilica church and campus.