Pelican Mosaic


Beauty That Saves

From the very beginning we have relied on the arts to fulfil our Gospel Mission.

  • Art can give us a sense of peace.
  • Art can provide relief, shelter, and order in a world plagued with disorder.
  • Art can soothe our physical, mental, or spiritual distress.
  • Art can illumine our faith or tell the story of a saint.
  • Art has the ability to move our heart, inspire our soul and form our mind.
  • Art invites us to sing of the greatness of our God. 
  • And most importantly, art can enable a spiritual encounter.

At The Basilica we intentionally engage with the visual and acoustical arts as part of our Mission. 

  • Our permanent collection: Since the founding of our church we have acquired important works of art mostly through the generosity of parishioners and friends.
  • Blessed John XXIII Gallery: Established in 2000 this gallery hosts several sacred art exhibits each year.
  • Liturgical vessels: Comprising antique and contemporary examples our collection of sacred vessels continues to be used for the celebration of the liturgy. 
  • Liturgical textiles: Though including some antique vestments and paraments, most of our collection of liturgical textiles were commissoned from Phylis Lehmberg, a contemporary textile artist. 
  • The Basilica Saints: Like every church, The Basilica has Saints both in the church and throughout our campus. They speak to the times when The Basilica was built and they are part of our story today.
  • Concerts: The Basilica hosts about thirty concerts each year.
  • Artist-in-Residence: This program which was established in 1996 attracts artistic talent to The Basilica and gives artists the opportunity to present sacred art under the patronage of The Basilica.
    • The Rose Ensemble
    • Sinfonia
    • Composer-in-Residence, Donald Krubsack
    • The Basilica Brass Ensemble, directed by Dr. Don Krubsack