The Basilica Fund

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Your generous support helps us serve the widest possible community with the best possible expression of God’s love and grace.

Your recurring gift — of any size — makes an enormous difference in The Basilica's ability to serve our community. 

”Give, and it shall be given to you.” Luke 6:38


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Parishioners share why they give:

“The Basilica has given us so much, it only seems natural to give back.  We are just so grateful.” ~ Bonnie Steele

“I give back for the goodness I have received and for the goodness of others.”  ~ Liz Yurich

“We make The Basilica a financial priority because it is our place of guidance, comfort, and love.  We’ve made wonderful friends and have been blessed with countless opportunities for growth. We want to give back as much as we are able”. ~ The Pekarek Family


Do you need financial help?

  • The Basilica community is here to offer hope and help.