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Janice Andersen

Local Stewardship

Creating bridges between communities and advocating for those in need

Local Stewardship invites us to create bridges toward a more loving, peaceful, and just society. We are encouraged to reach out to those we see, share our stories, and work side-by-side to find solutions.

“If you want peace, work for justice.” ~ Pope Paul VI

Get involved with our community partners

The more we connect and collaborate, the more goodness spreads. 

Families Moving Forward provides overnight shelter, meals, and hospitality to up to 8 families every week of the year.

St. Vincent de Paul Ministries sponsors multiple programs that serve our local community. 

CommonBond Communities 
provides home, hope and community and on-site service to 8,000 people who have low incomes. The Basilica is working with CommonBond to develop 50 units of new mixed-income/workforce rental housing for families in North Minneapolis.

St. Stephens Human Services offers housing opportunities, employment support, emergency services and outreach, and systems change.

Catholic Charities
 provides charity, advocacy, and justice-providing programs for children, families, and adults.

Work to end violence on the Northside

From Death To Life strives to end violence through healing and reconciliation between families of victims and those who have caused harm. 

Northside Achievement Zone provides support “cradle to career” in North Minneapolis to ensure that all youth graduate from high school college-ready.

Alafia Place provides affordable housing and opportunities for personal and professional development to people in the North side of Minneapolis.

Protect MN 
works to end gun violence through education and preventing illegal access to guns.

Advocate for those in need

Office for Social Justice advocates for justice and issues that can help individuals and families reach their full human potential.

Joint Religious Legislative Coalition mobilizes Jewish, Christian, and Islamic religious communities to influence public policy in Minnesota.

MN Catholic Conference 
is the public policy voice of the Catholic Church in Minnesota.

Align Minneapolis involves 16 interfaith congregations and communities working together to end homelessness.

MN Coalition for the Homeless generates policies, community support, and local resources for housing and services to end homelessness in Minnesota.

Voices For Justice invites Basilica parishioners to contact government officials about important local issues. [Get involved!]

Pray for our local community

Let us pray to God. . .
For the community we live and work in, For all the people in it who are lonely,
 For those whose voices are never heard, For those who find no friends,
 For the people in our city who are homeless and without shelter,
 For those who are disheartened, And for those who feel betrayed.

Let us ask the Lord for forgiveness. . .
For the suffering we cause others, For our forgetfulness and neglect of others,
 For our lack of understanding of each other, For speaking ill of other people,
 For the bitterness we feel toward others, And for the inability to forgive others.

Let us ask God for the grace . . .
To break down barriers among people, To create bridges between communities, To work toward equality and justice for all, To promote peace,
 To advocate for those who have no voice, And to embrace all as our brothers and sisters.

Children's Prayer

Let us pray to God…
For our family and friends,

For our parents, grandparents, teachers, and for all who lead us,

For our classmates,

For those who live in our neighborhood, town, city, and state,

Bless everyone with a spirit of kindness and love as we learn to understand and listen to each other.