Lay Leadership

Parish Council

A collaborative group, the Council advises the Pastor and staff on the parish’s needs and helps carry out the community’s mission and vision. Responsible for strategic planning, supporting ministries, and educating parishioners bout stewardship, its 15 members include 6 elected representatives (2 each from Liturgy, Learning and Christian Life) appointed members, and trustees.

Namesort descending Job Title
Andrea Lutterman Andrea Lutterman Learning Representative
Carole Burton Carole Burton Christian Life Representative
David Link David Link At Large
Donna Wieneke Donna Wieneke Development Representative
Edith Nicole Cameron Edith Nicole Cameron Liturgy and Sacred Arts
Fr. Daniel Griffith Fr. Daniel Griffith Pastor and Rector
Jennifer Lange Jennifer Lange Learning
Jill Reilly Jill Reilly Chair, At Large
Matt Celichowski Matt Celichowski At Large
My Lam My Lam Vice Chair & Christian Life
Steven Kim Secretary & Liturgy and Sacred Arts
Susan Link Susan Link Trustee
Tom Paul Trustee